What happens if a guy and his sexy stepsister move in together? They’re not related by blood, but sexual things are still taboo. But when the stepbro sees stepsis walking around in just her panties, displaying her smooth long legs, indecent thoughts come.

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Instead of the usual, wham bam thank you ma’am kind of porn, Sis Loves Me builds up a little story for each episode. There is banter, teasing, spying, intrigue, exchanging rent money for lap dances and sex, and a lot of conversation compared to regular porn. The episodes are 35-50 minutes long, with multiple dramas and sex parts. Check out the trailer for the new series and see for yourself:

Sis Loves Me – Grass, Gas, Or Ass

Blonde teen Candy White is looking extra hot in her gold bathing suit today, and her stepbrother pops a raging boner as soon as he sets his eyes on her. She asks him for a ride to a pool party, but he tells her that it is grass, gas, or pass. She does not understand, so she just settles for giving him some ass and titties! A couple days later, Candys stepbrother takes the blame for a bag of herb she left sitting around the house. Their parents are pissed, but all he wants in return is a little more of her sweet stepsister pussy. Later on, Candys stepbro is getting ready to head off to sobriety camp because his parents are so concerned about the ganja they found. As a send off, Candy sucks his thick cock and lets him pummel her tight pussy one more time!