KC Cyga
Managing Broker 
This letter is written with the most Sincere Thank You to Mr. Richard J. Kurtz for inspiring my agents to higher production. On November 7, 2016 he presented an overview of the RD Training Systems to several of my agents. I must say I was very surprised at what Mr. Kurtz had to offer agents both New and  experienced.New agents can start producing immediately with all the different marketing materials already in place with his program. Experienced agents would benefit as well by simply using the proven systems and tools.
I have been in Real Estate for 29 years and have attended many Training conferences with several National Trainers. The RD Training Systems is one I wish was in place when I first started. The materials and tools are all scripted and done professionally. I recommend the system to both New and Seasoned agents. You can’t miss. The Systems is all set up for you and ready to use. All you have to do is follow the directions and build your business. So, pick up your production today and attend one of the Conferences offered and create the Real Estate Business of Your Dream!!!
Shirley Ferer
Coldwell Banker
Dear Richard,
Last week when you came to our office and presented the opportunity to attend a two-day even which promised sho much it was hard to believe. The event would include highly successful real estate brokers sharing how they worked their business and describing the systems needed to achieve success. The list of what to expect from RD Training Systems was extensive and it was what I have been searching for many years.
I am so grateful I enrolled and attended and invested in my future. The two day even was more than I expected and I want to thank you and all the other fabulous real estate brokers and speakers who contributed to the event because they have been for so many years and they are confirming the systems work. The two day event was so educational and exposed new and intriguing ideas and concepts regarding real estate. I felt like I was in the Masters program at a top University.
The inspiration was exceptional and it was felt througout the entire room. Everyone seemed excited to finally get the inside information on how to run a business that will bring successful results just by following the systems that RD Training Systems offers.
I would encourage anyone who is serious about making Real Estate their business to attend the two day event. The excitement created and knowledge gained from the event, plus the book and materials al all the additional resources offered is amazing. I intend to follow your systems and start doing my business the right way.
Harold Mead
Sales Manager (West/Herndon)
I will make this short and sweet. As managers we get bombarded with folks wanting to present at our sales meetings. We must pick and choose.
RD Training Systems will leave your agents with some real solid ideas that can implement immediately. They delivered what they promosed. My agents absolutely loved the presentation, and all benefit from the many shared marketing ideas.
The marketing materials introduced at the presentation are fresh, innovative, on point, and use today’s ever changing technology.
I personally recommend that you allow RD Training Systems to present in your office. They are well worth the time.
Bonnie Kehl
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Richard Kurtz’s presentation was exactly what my agents needed. As managers and brokers we get so many calls from the outside training that’s all pretty much the same. This was TOTALLY different.
The content rich presentation was unique and abolutely right on with what the agents should and should not do when working with today’s savvy consumer clientele.
After the presentation, several of my agents signed up to attend the training including one of my top producing agents who has been in business for over 40 years. She said she needs to keep up with new technology and the techniques when dealing with clients.
One of the many things that they liked so much about the training that’s so different from others is that it is taught by current practicing, ultra-successful agents, who shared all their duplicable systems and strategies to be consistent, profitable and successful in today’s ever changing business.
I would highly recommend that anyone have RD Training Systems in their office to speak to their agents.