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Hello Rick,
I can’t thank you enough for the amazing two-day seminar that you assembled. This was truly the answer to my prayer.

I’ve been a realtor for 4 years and I’ve been working very hard, but running in circles and scattered all over the place. No focus, no organization, just struggling and frustrated. I knew exactly what I needed, but couldn’t seem to find it.

When you came to Port St. Lucie, Florida, you described what I was praying for in the first 10 minutes of your 1hr presentation. I immediately said to my partner who was sitting next to me, “Oh My God, this is going to be very expensive”. She said to me, “this is exactly what you have been looking for and talking about since I’ve known you”.
At the conclusion of the presentation, the cost was disclosed and it was even more than I thought and there was no way that I could afford that. I wasn’t upset or doubted the value, I just knew that I couldn’t afford it. Without flinching, my partner pulled out her credit card and went up front to sign up. I watched many others rush to the front to sign up for what I knew was a life-changing opportunity. This was MY opportunity that everyone else was taking advantage of.
I swallowed my pride and went to the back of the room and started making phone calls to friends and family to borrow money. No one that I had the courage to ask was able to help me. I remember coming to the front of the room and asking if you had a payment plan. You offered a plan of three payments over the next three months. I couldn’t even afford that!

I had just enough in my bank account to make a quarter of the amount. You offered to make an exception and allow 4 payments over the next 4 months. (Thank You!) That was my foot in the door. I just figured that I’d go on faith and figure the rest of the monthly payments out. When the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count!

I made it to the seminar and it was everything that I knew it would be. Two days 9-5. No breaks, only lunch. You could take the risk of going to the bathroom and miss something, but that was on you. I chose to hold it. My mind was blown, speaker after speaker. We covered EVERY page of a zillion page manual. I cannot express in words how amazingly informative and professionally put together this seminar was. Coming into the meeting, I was concerned about all of the changes taking place in the Real Estate industry, but the system that was laid out for us eliminated all of those concerns and fears. You delivered on everything you said you would! Brittany and Gracie are Rock Stars!

My partner and I made a point to meet Mr. Rand Smith, shake his hand and let him know what a phenomenal job he did in sharing his knowledge over two days.

Rick, Thank you for answering a prayer. You are a blessing and you are truly changing lives.

Peter Gittens

Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker Previews

Dear Rick,

After our companies “The Edge 2.0” conference in Nashville last December, I’m absolutely kicking major butt. I may have to hire an assistant if things continue to grow.

I worked on my sphere (about 1000 potential clients),separated those for my “Valued Client”, and worked on a custom mailer program that went our March 1st.

Since the mailer of 250 Valued Clients with a handwritten letter, printed and laminated certificate, I have picked up two listings last week, two this week and have another 6 listings once I find my clients new homes.

I now make a short informational video and post to FB, Instagram, Twitter (my new account), LinkedIn and TikTok.

Thank you, the investment for the conference has paid for itself in less than 6 months.

Mike Erb

Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker Realty

After 20 years in real estate I thought I saw it all. My business went up 30% after using these systems.
Scott Arnott

Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker Previews

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Today’s successful agents need to be armed with the latest strategies and ideas to stay ahead of the competition. We offer powerful strategies to take real estate agents to the next level. Designed by agents, for agents, our systems can be implemented immediately to drastically increase income, guaranteed.

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