RD Training Systems Testimonials

RD Training Systems has been helping real estate agents and companies invigorate their business strategies, generate qualified buyers, and increase their sales flow. The system is designed by top active agents using proven techniques and tools guaranteed to drive your business to the ultimate level – Our program really works!


Realty One Group – Whittier, CA

“When I was first contacted by Connie to schedule a workshop for my agents I took notice of the confidence exuded that my company would be able to leap forward with higher production.

I have been a top agent in my area for over 20 years and am now an owner of a franchise. I am constantly contacted to have trainers or coaches meet with my agents but this was different than anything I had heard before. I communicated to Connie that it is my goal to increase my personal production from $50m to $90m annually.

Hearing that the materials shared by their top agents share specific strategies could help me reach my goals was the reason I decided to schedule a meeting for 20 of my highly successful agents as well as myself, my wife and two sons.

We saw new things NEVER BEFORE SEEN. Richard Kurtz presented a 1st class, nuts and bolts presentation. Every attendee was captivated seeing systems after system of currently used strategies by their top active agents.

It’s rare to have successful strategies shared. It’s more rare to not just share the information but allow each agent to duplicate the strategy for themselves.

It’s very clear that the old rules of doing business do not apply in our current selling real. This workshop opened our eyes to new systems, tools and strategies that have been proven to work. We can’t wait to get started implementing what we learned!

If your office wants to grow and have your agents’ production skyrocket, make sure you schedule an invite for the workshop so you too can get THE EDGE on your competition. We have!”

Kevin A. Kent, (AKA) Clark Kent Group, Keller Williams, Irvine, California

“I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your training summit. Being a KW agent in a great office (Rookie of the Year) I am accustomed to a lot of excellent training.

Prior to working at KW, I trained at First Team and even did a Tom Ferry summit. I thought your teams’ presentation was uniquely focused on results and not selling the agents on why you were the greatest, or trying to up-sell us on something else. That gets old. I liked that your presenters / agents were not just from one company or background, even a handful of KW guys. I like hearing from successful agents. Your agent / trainers were excellent and even entertaining.

I received a detailed system as promised with practical and immediately implementable
programs that I have been putting into action.

Thank you.”

Tony Herald, Sotheby’s – West Hollywood, CA

“I woke up this morning invigorated and energized, my mind racing with plans and ideas. The last two days at your conference have jumpstarted my brain and infused me with fresh, new and inspired ways to approach my business.

By nature, I am a hard worker. I don’t shy away from challenges and I have a healthy competitive spirit. I don’t need “coaching” advice on how to be productive and my career in real estate thus far has been successful and prosperous.

What was truly unique about your program is that it provides the participant with proven, comprehensive tools and templates that one can directly implement and incorporate into their own business strategy. The speakers at the event, who are all among the elite, top producers in our profession, generously offer up their vetted strategies and business systems ~ systems that they personally use every day and are the very systems that have provided them with their enormous success. Each speaker has his/her own particular style, which is fun to watch. As a group, they are a powerhouse of knowledge, experience and business savvy. And the most remarkable thing is that ALL of this incredible information is hand delivered to us to use at our discretion. We are literally being handed the keys to the kingdom. Insane!

Thank you does not begin to express my gratitude to you and your team for providing me with such a gift.

Looking forward to keeping in touch and showing you how my business will now skyrocket because of you.”

Coldwell Banker – Palos Verdes Beach, CA

“I have been using RD Training for many years now and their new program is quite exciting. I had them in my office a few weeks ago and agents jumped on it. I usually do not have speakers like this in my office, but RD has been the proper exception.”

Good Luck!

Camden Steele, Sotheby’s – Peoria, AZ

“Dear Rick,

As real estate agents, we are constantly inundated with offers of training to improve upon our existing business plans from marketing to the service we provide. With all that we have to choose from it can be a wild west of uncovering what will be of the most value and deliver us the most up to date and effective strategies. All of this while also anticipating what is on the fore front of the real estate industry.

The RD Training Systems program surpassed all our expectations and delivered some of the best content I have ever heard about taking a real estate business to the next level of success.

The trainers were all highly successful real estate agents and brokers currently practicing precisely what they teach with amazing results. Any agent who participates in this training will surely not be disappointed.

Thank you, Rick for what you have put together with your team of supreme professionals.”

Felice Katz-Bobo
HomeSmart Professionals

Dear Richard,

I just want you to know how much I appreciate that you came to our Franchise – HomeSmart Professionals in Lakeside, AZ.

I must say I was a little skeptical during the presentation – but still signed up. We had 21 people in attendance at our office and 9 of the 21 signed up!

During the conference I have had tons of questions from the team and more than that there is so much excitement to put your systems into place.

I have tried just about everything out there and have not had tons of success. I cannot wait to get home to start implementing all the amazing new information I have learned over the past two days!

KC Cyga
Managing Broker 

This letter is written with the most sincere “Thank You!” to Mr. Richard J. Kurtz for inspiring my agents to higher production. On November 7, 2016 he presented an overview of the RD Training Systems to several of my agents. I must say I was very surprised at what Mr. Kurtz had to offer agents both New and experienced. New agents can start producing immediately with all the different marketing materials already in place with his program. Experienced agents would benefit as well by simply using the proven systems and tools.

I have been in Real Estate for 29 years and have attended many Training conferences with several National Trainers. The RD Training Systems is one I wish was in place when I first started. The materials and tools are all scripted and done professionally. I recommend the system to both New and Seasoned agents. You can’t miss. The Systems is all set up for you and ready to use. All you have to do is follow the directions and build your business. So, pick up your production today and attend one of the Conferences offered and create the Real Estate Business of Your Dream!!!

Shirley Ferer
Coldwell Banker

Dear Richard,

Last week when you came to our office and presented the opportunity to attend a two-day event which promised so much it was hard to believe. The event would include highly successful real estate brokers sharing how they worked their business and describing the systems needed to achieve success. The list of what to expect from RD Training Systems was extensive and it was what I have been searching for many years.

I am so grateful I enrolled and attended and invested in my future. The two day event was more than I expected and I want to thank you and all the other fabulous real estate brokers (speakers) who contributed to the event at the Hyatt in Burlingame this week. All the speakers were so effective because they have been for so many years and they are confirming the systems work. The two day event was so educational and exposed new and intriguing ideas and concepts regarding real estate. I felt like I was in the Masters program at a top University.

The inspiration was exceptional and it was felt throughout the entire room. Everyone seemed excited to finally get the inside information on how to run a business that will bring successful results just by following the systems that RD Training Systems offers.

I would encourage anyone who is serious about making Real Estate their business to attend the two day event. The excitement created and knowledge gained from the event, plus the book and materials and all the additional resources offered is amazing. I intend to follow your systems and start doing my business the right way. I am beginning again!

Thank you and all the others for exceeding my expectations!

Shirley Ferer

Harold Mead
Sales Manager (West/Herndon)

I will make this short and sweet. As managers we get bombarded with folks wanting to present at our sales meetings. We must pick and choose.

RD Training Systems will leave your agents with some real solid ideas that can implement immediately. They delivered what they promised. My agents absolutely loved the presentation, and all benefit from the many shared marketing ideas.

The marketing materials introduced at the presentation are fresh, innovative, on point, and use today’s ever changing technology.

I personally recommend that you allow RD Training Systems to present in your office. They are well worth the time.

Aldo Martinez
BHHS, Nevada Properties


I wish to personally thank you for having taken the time to conduct the 1-hour workshop at my branch last week. Although, I normally hesitate from bringing in outside trainers due to the high pressure sales tactics, bringing you in was a great decision.

The importance of having systems in place resonated with my agents. You gave them fresh, turnkey ideas and strategies for their use during the workshop and reintroduced tried technology approaches that attract and capture new customers. Amazingly, although there was a product they could purchase at the end, they left with great systems without having to buy anything.

In addition, I was pleased to see so many agents sign up for the product and register for the 2-day conference, and I especially look forward to writing you my next recommendation after reviewing the results of their putting it all together.

In closing, I’d recommend your workshop to any professional manager interested in bringing value to their agents & growing their office production. The ability to walk away with tools or be able to hire someone to put together the systems we train every day but they never get around to doing is invaluable.

Terri Bota
Security Pacific Real Estate

I’m so glad you were patient with me about the program! What an awesome seminar! They make it sound so simple and have the step-by-step instructions to get you going. So thanks again Dennis…I’m so glad I went!

Jean Nicol
Coldwell Banker

Dear Richard,
This is the second time I have attended one of your seminars, so I obviously came into this as a “believer.” However, as I’m in a new business partnership, my partner was interested in going to the August seminar in South San Francisco, and we both went.

As always, there is more information given in the time frame than the human brain can absorb, which is why your binder is absolutely invaluable. There are an incredible number of innovative, clever and practical ideas and systems provided, and every section has something we can use. We are systematically going through the entire coursework because we literally don’t want to miss a single idea that could prove to make a huge difference to our business. We have already implemented some systems and seen positive results, even at this early stage.

I would recommend the course to any agent who asked me how to move their business to the next level.

Eric R. Cogdill
London Properties, LLC

Dear Richard,
I wanted to let you know just a couple of things occupying my mind which had to deal with the entire process, but mostly address the Before and After. Before: Your sales skills are Top Notch, you had me eating out of your hand. The content at your presentation was outstanding. You showed me tools & strategies I’d never seen or used in my business. You sold the salesman & I’m a skeptic.

I signed up with you as soon as you finished. I was thinking, “This better be good!” After: The short of it. You, in your one hour sales presentation in my office did what not many people in this day and age can do, You actually under promised and over delivered. I was hooked, landed and in the cooler in the first 10 minutes of the opening day and lost sleep waiting for day 2 to start. I was so happy that I got off cheap. I GLADLY would have paid three times the amount after gaining and knowing that you and RD Training Systems delivered, you my friend have changed my skill set to a higher plain.

The information given is ground breaking, out of the box and to be honest, is real estate gospel for the convert who wants to be effective. Nicole & her entire staff are excellent!!!

Mike Walker
Like Having a Friend in the Business

Hello Rand, this is Mike Walker from Atlantic Realty from Turlock CA. I went to the seminar in Burlingame CA this month. I’ve been in Mortgage Lending for 17 years in Arizona however, I have only been a Real Estate Agent for 2 years here in California. My first year I closed 1 million in production, this year I will close 6 to 8 million, but I have no systems in place. You are a breath of fresh air. I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom, I’ve been to Joe Stump, Tom Hopkins and many others and there is just no meat. Everything is an upsell, THANK YOU for giving me real tools to work with to increase my market share, without have to work more hours then I already do.

Re/Max – Covington, WA

“I just started implementing some of the things geared towards listings…Anyway, I now have 6 leads just from [attending] last week!!”
– Covington, WA

Century 21 North Homes Realty – Tacoma, WA

“To say this seminar was amazing, is such an understatement! You under sold the value of this class by a long shot, and over delivered 10,000 percent! I’ve never sat in a class before where experienced real estate agents were echoing phrases and words like, ‘This is amazing!’, “I’ve never thought of that before!’, ‘My business is going to double!’ and the steady stream of “oooh’s and ahhh’s when the light switches turned on in our brains constantly.”
– Tacoma, WA

Re/Max – Maple Ridge, BC

“I had great success with the expired program! In fact, the first three I sent out, I got a listing of $ 535,000 and then a sale from that seller for $ 436,500. Those two commissions alone more than covered the cost of the course, accommodation and meals. I love this program and how it is well presented by active successful agents who are presently working the market. The material that is presented is outside the box thinking with lots of the innovated information, but most importantly it’s easy to use.”
– Maple Ridge, BC

Sotheby’s – Santa Fe, NM

“Your willingness to share great information in the 45-minute meeting has only heigntened my enthusiasm in attending the upcoming 2-day seminar.”
– Albuquerque, NM

Coldwell Banker Legacy

“It was fast-paced and full of good “Take-Aways” for those who attended with an open mind. I personally wrote down several good ideas to help my agents sell more homes.”
– Albuquerque, NM

Century 21
Mike Bowman, Inc.

“…not being raised in the technology era we are slowly but surely getting our act together”
– Gravevine, TX

Century 21,
Judge Fite Company

“I now have a plan of action, with specific steps to take that I know will put me as a top producer at my brokerage.”
– Frisco, TX (new agent)

“I got the listing! [client] said the two other agents he interviewed were more experienced than I am (I just started last year) but he really liked all the marketing ideas and said he could tell I was going to work really hard for him.”
– Dallas, TX (new agent)

” I can’t remember an event that provided more proven solutions for the Transition that is taking place in the Real Estate Industry”
– San Bernardino, CA

“…I’d like to add that I have completed my first promoted Facebook post using the Address Grabber. It resulted in 11 leads in a 24 hour period; “
– Oklahoma City, OK

“I could go on and on, but more important we have four listings in one week and 2 were FSBO’s! Yahoooooo! “
– Corpus Cristi, TX

” I am encouraged and inspired to put a “system” together. “
– Texas

“This course more than paid for itself”
– Naples FL (New Agent)

Systems, strategies and materials downloads are incredible
– Beverly Hills CA

We all were very impressed and it is a great value for everyone
– Laguna Niguel CA

Sotheby’s Int’l Realty, Southern California

My business has increased each time I have attended your program.
– Santa Barbara CA (26 years experience)

Thanks for always delivering what you promise with no upsell at the event as so many training companies try to do.” 
– Niguel CA

“I have put a few of the systems in place and am already seeing results one week later.”
– Bakersfield CA (10 years experience)

“The seminar gave me SO MANY good tools. I’ve implemented the ones that I thought would work best for me and I’ve gotten positive results.”
– Riverside CA (4 years experience)

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, San Francisco, CA

“I‘ve been using the systems introduced by RD for the past 8 years. Having my system in play has generated between 20% and 30% of my yearly business thanks to the tools I’ve used.” 
– San Francisco CA

“My business has improved two fold by using these tools.”
– Castro Valley CA

“Not only do they provide a wealth of great material that you have full access to, but can easily be customized for personal branding.”
– San Diego CA

“It was great to be witness to all the positive energy throughout the room of so many professional agents.”
– Riverside CA (30+ years experience)

“I truly walked away with so much value and I love your way of doing business. It’s the style that I am comfortable with as I am not a cold caller but am a people person and I love what I do.”
– Eugene OR

“The information is invaluable. No fluff. No Voodoo.”
– Bellevue WA

“The excitement is keeping me up at night as I can’t shut down my mind. Your team of Real Estate Experts are truly amazing!”
– Plano TX

“It has helped me to regain my enthusiasm and to re-focus my strategies on the business.”
– Daly City CA

“Your upfront honesty and direction on keeping me focused has done wonders for me professionally which has even made my personal life more balanced.” 
– Scottsdale AZ

Sotheby’s Int’l Realty, Santa Barbara, CA

“I think your seminar is a must attend for anyone who wishes to have a sustainable and successful career in real estate.” 
– Santa Barbara CA

“I found the informaiton you share with the participants is very valuable and the ease in which one can use the hundreds of marketing pieces is truly amazing.”
– Brentwood CA

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Los Angeles, CA

“I cut my listing presentation time from an average of 1 hour to 22 minutes by implementing the ‘targeted’ seller driven presentation, and I upped my success ratio by 33%.” 
– Los Angeles CA

“The constant update of materials to fit the market today really make it a no brainer to attend and saves a lot of time, energy and money for things I want now versus waiting for me to develop them myself without the think and research time involved.”
– Mission Viejo CA